Health & safety


We propose multiple cabinet models for mines or surface installations. Plastic ensures the product longevity as well as utilitarian functions continuity.

Our popular cabinets

  • Fire stations
  • Stretcher cabinets
  • Emergency shower cabins
  • Equipment cabins

Toilet cabins

We offer toilet cabins designed for underground mines that stand out for their strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Common models include a hook, a roll paper holder and a power supply box for lighting and heating.

Sun-Mar's Excel compost toilets and transportation pallet are optional.

Detonator & explosives boxes and cabinets

Our plastic boxes and cabinets protect detonators and explosives from impacts, corrosion and electrical sources. We adapt every product to the standards and regulations in force.

Antistatic boxes and cabinets available on demand.

Tag boards

With Goldcorp, we have developed a new and safer tagboard that better secures blasting keys.

Each compartment door is made of clear polycarbonate (Lexan™) in order to improve underground workers tag reading and ease their headcount.

Hose/pump filters

Our filters protect pumps from coarse particles while siphoning liquids, thus reducing the risk of breakdown.

Their material is highly visible and resistant to the passage of machinery.

Available diameter: 2 in (5 cm).


Our manhole and chimney covers prevent workers fall underground. They are robust, lightweight and easy to handle.

Lunchroom furniture

Our maintenance-free lunchroom furniture is made from a sturdy, mildew- and microbe-resistant plastic.

Every cabinet is equipped according to our customer requirements.

Custom products


We manufacture tanks for a variety of products and applications such as backfill material, xanthates, flocculants, and acids.


Plastic extends significantly gutters lifespan in the corrosive concentration plant environment.

Drain filters

Hard-wearing and durable, our drain filters do not rust or deform.


Our plastic liners and facilitate the sliding of materials while protecting equipment from abrasion and impacts.

Dust collector ducting

Our custom-made duct collector ducting is light and highly resistant to impacts.